#WithLove & #WithCare

against Covid-19

We will #StaySafe if we do this together #WithLove & #WithCare.


Refraining from hugging, kissing, or shaking hands with guests as well as among staff


Temperature screening for guests and staff


Regularly and thoroughly cleaning hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water.


Guests's luggage and belongings are disinfected at the entrance


Use of masks or/and face shields for staff and guests in public areas.


Disinfectant floor mat is located at the entrance of the hotel to sanitize footwear


  1. Everyone is encourage to  perform washing hands regularly.

  2. We have a ‘no contact’ rule between staff or staff and guests. We encourage keeping 1.5m distance between people.

  3. Our staff has been trained and work with personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, overalls, glasses.

  4. Our guests are advised to wear masks in general areas and encourage to follow health and safety protocols. Guests also fill-in a health declaration form upon check-in

  5. There is a disinfectant units at the entrance. There are hand sanitizer dispensers in other common areas that are easily accessible to guests.

  6. We offer our guests an option to disinfect their luggage and belongings at the entrance.

  7. Thermometer measurement is performed contact-free during the entry of all personnel to work and guests during arrivals.

  8. Permanent disinfection of all areas of personnel use and frequent daily cleaning of alcohol and chlorine-based products are used

  9. All suppliers, visitors and third parties who come to the hotel  follow the same protocol as the employees at the entrance of the staff.

  10. Necessary arrangements (contactless credit card transaction, virtual pos etc.). have been made for payment with minimum contact. When contact process is required disinfection process is performed before serving the next guest.

  11. Consistent and very regular cleaning of all guests areas and  public surfaces. Regular cleaning of all door handles and public assets.

  12. Arrangements and necessary cautionary information have been made in accordance with the social distance rule in the areas where guests can be  found collectively.

  13. We provide breakfast with room-service and  all products are covered.

  14. Guest rooms are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized before each guest occupancy and labeled. We also ask our guests if they prefer daily or periodic room cleaning.

  15. Digital applications are used to contact our guests for requests and questions.

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