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This room is located at ground floor level and faces our patio. Juan Margarito has character and its own personality; decorated with "alebrijes" and beautiful wall artcraft.

  • Two double beds

  • 45 m2

This room is located at ground level and faces our patio. Gloria has the perfect space to inspire writing and intimacy. A colorful headboard paling depicts delicate inspiration and relaxing sleep.

  • One king size bed

  • 46 m2

Located in the first floor, this room brings a spacious sensation due to high ceilings. Iron and wood make the better combination in its decoration. Perhaps, the best view to our patio throughout slicing doors that gives access to the corridor.

  • One king size bed

  • 40 m2

Leonardo room is serious and charming. Wood is the main element in this room where doors, bedhead and wardrobes builds a woody and perfect atmosphere.

  • One queen size bed

  • 38 m2

Carlotita room has strong character but warm personality. This room is at the end of the second floor corridor and provides just right intimacy and comfort.

  • One King size bed

  • 42 m2

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